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Our Birth

Shahcar was born on 2010 based on an idea for developing a car data analysis platform to deliver reviews, prices, histories and events related to car brands in the global and local market. This service provider team has been created by Sharif institute of technology graduates in Mechanical Engineering.

Primary Skills

Our team’s primary skills has been content marketing, data analysis and review of car brands for car lovers and people seeking for buying a brand new car. According to Alexa’s Traffic Rankings, we have ranked below 500 only with in 7 months. Our platform officially launched on October 2010.


After One Year

Head of the Team started development of an idea in security marketing and DIDARC was born as our second experience in technology markets. Now after 7 years Didarc is one of the most famous companies in the market due to wast hard works has done for branding and corporate marketing of the company.


Two Years Later

Head of the team has started digital marketing and strategic marketing planning for one of the most famous banks in Iran which is professional in corporate banking and mobile and internet banking services. Two platforms has developed for the ME Bank in social networks and the strategic marketing process started by consulting with the top managers of ME Bank.


Three years later

The Shahcar Business Development company was registered as an entity for developing startups and SME companies in Iran Market based on previous experiences in Information Technology , Security Technologies and Financial Institutes developments.

We Create clear and simple strategies for clients to Increase Revenues, Improve Profits, and Gain Market Share by:

Our Skills

Discovering the Customer’s Competencies that Drive Purchases
Sharpening Key Advantages to Make Them More Compelling
Increasing Market Visibility, so More People Know Who You Are
Implementing Lead Generation Systems, to Multiply Sales Opportunities
Establishing Sales and Marketing Frameworks to Maximize Financial Ratios
Integrating All of the Above into a Strategy, Business Model, and System That Works


Business Development Process Started

We have started the Business Development Process in our developing startups. Corporate marketing is the means by which a corporation or organization attracts potential customers. A corporate marketing team is responsible for determining how to reach the company’s desired customers, and determining what kinds of advertising and messaging tactics will appeal to them. The first step in developing corporate marketing campaign is defining the objectives. Who does the company want to reach, and what kinds of messages appeal to this target audience?


Results come up so Soon

After one year of starting business development process we have added 1 business startups in operation which is active in security distribution and it is a new brand for the entry IP security market.

Business Development Platform

The structure for business development applied for the fresh ideas of the genius people of top ranking universities of Iran. We were up to develop a new round of startups based on our knowledge and expertise in future years in the referred target markets.


Corporate Marketing resulted in a new birth

ImenOffer specializes in providing video surveillance solutions and believes in delivering value to the clients through offering Security Systems, giving consultation, designing and implementing Surveillance Cameras, Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems and etc. in their projects.


An Idea to Follow Leader

From 2018, the year of “Support for Iranian Products”, the site of producing video surveillance systems has been equipped and inaugurated and the test production has been launched. By now, Imenarc System is the licensed manufacturer of Geovision Video Surveillance Systems.

Meet Our Team

We love what we do and we do it with passion

Reza Izadi

COB & Founder

Mohammad Ali Izadi

Data Analysis Lead

Mohsen Biabanpour

Information Technology Lead
Idea Reviewed
Developed Startups
Operating Businesses
Teams Created

Our Passion for what we do is rendered in our Services


Stretegy Planning

We have a set of core capabilities that help company strengthen it’s strategies at the enterprise and business level.


Talent Management

We help company shape talent strategies linked to business needs, understand workforce trends, develop great leaders, and teams.


Corporate Marketing

Corporate marketing is the means by which a corporation or organization attracts potential customers.


IT Development

We help company develop IT strategies that are tightly aligned to business goals and corporate priorities.


Financial Investment

We work with clients on topics such as valuation, capital markets, financial analysis and modeling the finance function.


Information Analysis

Gain the ability to scale up to unlimited interactions, agents and call volumes with full customer engagement capabilities.

Our Clients